About us

We are a small firm newly set up in 2017 operating from Nottingham City Centre. Our sales team have 10 years industry experience in sourcing business energy contract solutions for our customer energy demands.

We aim to provide our customers with competitively priced tariffs that are currently available on the market for their energy demands. We will complete an energy demand assessment prior to quoting so that we can effectively quote according to the demand profile subject to a successful credit assessment.

Access to ALL business suppliers and their rates through direct or indirect contracts.

Measure the number of suppliers out there against the number of supplier’s rates that we have access to.
Contact all suppliers and several large intermediaries where we cannot get direct contracts with suppliers. This is relevant to the mission statement of ‘cheap energy contracts’.

Attempting to ensure that we have a wide breadth of suppliers & tariffs to choose from.

Good customer service when dealing with customers.

NPS style feedback from customers going through the sales or renewal journeys. Review the responses monthly. Implementing a Continual Service Improvement process for the outcomes.

Set up NPS to be sent out to customers. Ensure that this is built into the journeys. Set up monthly review sessions. Build a CSI process for outcomes.

This is relevant to open and honest services. It will help with improving services and filling in any gaps. It may also give the company insight into new opportunities.
NPS, review sessions and CSI approach to implemented before 30 September 2018.

Map out all Customer Journeys processes, outcomes & fulfilment.

Process map all the journeys so that we can identify issues, overlaps, inefficiencies and improvements.

Analyst to sit with the operations manager and identify all processes and map them out.

This is relevant to understanding our own organisation, the industry and customer requirements.

Ensuring that we are compliant to TPI standards, auditable by outside parties and have adequate disaster recovery in place to be completed by 30 August 2018


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